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tarkett social equity whitepaper.png

ESG Thought Leadership Content

I work with global flooring manufacturer Tarkett to communicate their progress on ESG goals. This includes writing two whitepapers on the connections between respiratory illness, social equity, and climate change; Q&A blogs with subject-matter experts; pitch decks; and a continuing education course. (Shelton Group)

I create custom packages based on your unique needs.

💌 Tell me your story so I can tell yours. 

Helping Hands

I also believe in putting my money
where my values are.

I donate 5-10% of my income to causes I believe in, including reproductive health,

free press, sustainability, women's rights, and education.


Talk to me about your buyers' journey, storytelling that hits the spot,
and segmenting your email marketing.

Hubspot Academy Inbound Certified
Hubspot Academy Email Marketing Certified

"I stiiill haven't fooound what I'm looking fooor..." 

Move aside, Bono — I can help with that.
Drop me a note and let's schedule a virtual coffee date! ☕🎵

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