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cross-channel content marketing for email, web, and LinkedIn. 

Fashion Web Design

Content Strategy, Auditing, and Repurposing


Email Campaign Copywriting
(Nurturing + Sales)

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LinkedIn Consulting + Profile Makeovers

tailored packages

• Consulting on brand development & storytelling

• Content calendar to plan for every stage of the buyer's journey

• Targeted content across channels: blogs/Linkedin articles, case studies, social media, nurturing emails, and more

⭐ Experience with Wordpress, Umbraco, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp & more

from $300/email

• Welcome emails that engage and establish trust from the first open

• Abandoned cart sequences that improve conversions by 25%

• Targeted cold email campaigns that turn leads into clients

• Curated newsletters

📧 I've written email campaigns for 50+ B2B & B2C brands.

from $500

• Define your presence and amplify engagement

• Create a dynamic profile and/or business page that captures your essence and speaks to your experience

• Grow your audience with a content and networking strategy you feel confident in

📲 Made-for-you Linkedin posts + articles that strengthen your network


I create custom packages based on your unique needs.

💌 Tell me your story so I can tell yours. 

Helping Hands

I also believe in putting my money
where my values are.

I donate 5-10% of my income to causes I believe in, including reproductive health,

free press, sustainability, women's rights, and education.



Talk to me about your buyers' journey, cold and warm leads,
and segmenting your email marketing.

Hubspot Academy Inbound Certified
Hubspot Academy Email Marketing Certified

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