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Chloe' Skye Weiser Portfolio


Here's Some Anonymous Feedback They Wrote -- in English!:

"In our class was a good atmosphere and I think all of us [studied] and we learned a lot in our lessons."

anon review 1.jpg
anon review 2.jpg

"When we didn't know answer or some words, it wasn't big problem.

You [were] kind to us, every time you gave us chance to prepare our marks. And you are creative and positive."

"I appreciate that we could have this experience with you. The lessons were sometimes funny and interesting. I enjoyed those presentations. And when we were watching a movie/show in English it was great.

You were a great teacher."

anon review 3.jpg
anon review 4.jpg

"We listen[ed to] you and we learn[ed] English. You talk very well, slowly and srozumitelne ('understandably').

You are best teacher. Your lessons are best, funny, happy, and interesting. You're best!"


"Chloe' is caring, respectful, and a pleasure to work with. As an educator, she takes her job seriously. She gives clear and precise explanations to her students, asks directive questions to help them progress, and encourages them with her positive attitude."

KARLA PADAWER SOLOMON, Resource Development Specialist

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