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I'm in it for the story.

Once dubbed a "word magician" by a client, I've been capturing global audiences 

by written & spoken word for as long as I can remember.

I started watching Sesame Street as a newborn, and "reading" waterproof books in the bath as a toddler. At 6 years old, I was called into the principal's office for my poem about springtime, called "Flower Power." The editor of the high school lit mag, who friends asked for help with their essays? Yep, I was that English nerd. 

Once I started going to NYC open mics in 2014, I performed on stage 30+ times. Then, I moved to Czechia to take part in the Fulbright ProgramBetween 2010-2018, I taught English to ~1,000 students in 3 countries.

I've since worked with dozens of international businesses and non-profits

to develop brand messaging and highlight their positive impact.


I offer 12+ years of experience with content strategy, copywriting, and storytelling,

with a focus on climate change, circularity, universal education, and reproductive rights.

What's the story behind Chlohemian?

As an avid traveler passionate about the intersection between culture and language,

I have lived in the USA, Israel & Palestine, Czechia, and Denmark ✈ Until 2020, I recorded my travel adventures and language faux pas on travel blog Chlohemian, which gained 70.3K+ views with 34.1K+ unique visitors over 160 posts. The post "11 Things You Will Find in Every Czech Home" went viral.


Get to Know Chloé

📚 #1. Bookworm

My favorite authors are Margaret Atwood, Ray Bradbury, and James Baldwin. I'm a big sci-fi and dystopian lit lover and will talk your ear off about Czech literature if given the chance.

🧗‍♀️ #2. Bouldering

Do you ever feel so restless you might start climbing up a wall? So... I literally do that. And it does help manage stress! I've been building strength and technique for indoor bouldering since 2022.

🎤 #3. Music Maker

I play the ukulele because my hands are too small to play the guitar. You can also find me singing Ariana Grande and performing spoken word poetry.

🐝 #4. Spelling Bee Champion

The high started in 3rd grade when I won with the word "skeleton." In 7th grade, I lost on "mendicant" at the regional level. I'm still seeking vengeance.

🌳 #5. Treehugger 

I am a born environmental advocate. (See my work for Earth 911 here.) If #4 wasn't nerdy enough, I won an award in high school for rescuing PET bottles from the trash and recycling them. 

👂 #6. Dangly Earring Collector

I own 100+ pairs of earrings alone. It's not a stretch to say they also make me a good listener (sorry, bad pun). I'll be wearing my favorite pair while writing your copy!

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