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I'm in it for the story.

I started watching Sesame Street as a newborn and was "reading" waterproof books

in the bath as a toddler. I got called into the principal's office at 6 years old

because of my poem about springtime, called "Flower Power."

The one everyone came to for help with editing their high school essays?


Yep, I was that English nerd.

Once I started going to NYC open mics in 2014, I performed on stage 30+ times,

then I moved to Czechia to teach as part of the Fulbright Program.

Between 2010-2018, I taught over 1,000 students across 3 countries.

I've since worked with over 100 businesses to develop their brand messaging.

As a born wordsmith, storyteller, and communicator, I've been capturing

multicultural audiences by written & spoken word for as long as I can remember

(and professionally, 12 years and counting).

What's the story behind Chlohemian?

As an avid traveler passionate about the intersection between culture and language,

I have lived in the USA, Israel & Palestine, Czechia, and Denmark ✈ Until 2020, I recorded my travel adventures and language faux pas on travel blog Chlohemian, which gained 70.3K+ views with 34.1K+ unique visitors over 160 posts. The post "11 Things You Will Find in Every Czech Home" went viral.


Get to Know Chloé

📚 #1. Bookworm

My favorite authors are Margaret Atwood, Ray Bradbury, and James Baldwin. I'm a big sci-fi and dystopian lit lover and will talk your ear off about Czech literature if given the chance.

🧗‍♀️ #2. Bouldering

Do you ever feel so restless you might start climbing up a wall? So... I literally do that. And it does help manage stress! I've been building strength and technique for indoor bouldering since 2022.

🎤 #3. Music Maker

I play the ukulele because my hands are too small to play the guitar. You can also find me singing Ariana Grande and performing spoken word poetry.

🐝 #4. Spelling Bee Champion

The high started in 3rd grade when I won with the word "skeleton." In 7th grade, I lost on "mendicant" at the regional level. I'm still seeking vengeance.

🌳 #5. Treehugger 

I am a born environmental advocate. (See my work for Earth 911 here.) If #4 wasn't nerdy enough, I won an award in high school for rescuing PET bottles from the trash and recycling them. 

👂 #6. Dangly Earring Collector

I own 100+ pairs of earrings alone. It's not a stretch to say they also make me a good listener (sorry, bad pun). I'll be wearing my favorite pair while writing your copy!

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